Facility Operations Readiness Support (FORS)


Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) specializes in supporting the transition of newly constructed or renovated facilities into day-to-day facility operations.


The FORS service package consists of the following which can be executed either together or piecemeal:


  • Staff and Budget Estimating and Reporting for Maintenance, Custodial, and Grounds services
  • Capital Expenditures Projection
  • Asset Inventory
  • Barcode / QR Code Application
  • Preventive Maintenance Program Development
  • CMMS Content Provision
  • CMMS Data Loading


New construction requires maintenance even though the systems are new. Additional staff is required to keep the facility operating as designed; especially with extensive automation and interdependence of building system. Let us help you make your case to your financial business partners.


The asset inventory services, maintenance programming, and CMMS services are delivered so you can have your new building fully integrated in your operations prior to building opening. Our specialists will work with your staff, the building commissioning agent, general contractor, construction management partner, and/or other stakeholders on painlessly accomplishing this task and having it purpose-implemented for facilities management operations.

Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) specializes in building systems including exterior envelope, interior structural, vertical transportation, plumbing, fire protection, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R), electrical, fire alarm, and fixed program assets.


Our services can be applied to existing buildings and new construction. We can apply a more detailed approach for accredited healthcare environments including those by The Joint Commission (TJC), Heathcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP), or Det Norske Veritas Healthcare (DNV).


There are many firms that provide asset inventory and data collection as an ancillary service but it is BMOC’s primary function. Following are BMOC competitive advantages in this field:


Corporate Specialization – Our focus is not construction, consulting engineering, software development, facility condition assessment, or providing maintenance. BMOC has been established to inventory assets and collect data with a strategic purpose. A CMMS is only as good as its foundational asset data. BMOC has been built in a similar manner. All of the services we provide are built upon the asset inventory and data collection service. This work is our primary focus.


Specialized Staff – BMOC staff is trained specifically for asset inventory and data collection. This activity is more rigorous than other engineering studies, which call for an overview of building systems rather than discrete analysis. Our staff is physically able to access assets. We expect to get dirty and thoroughly examine your assets upon location.


Minimal Client Impact – Our service and approach are designed to minimize the impact on client staff and building occupants. We stand by our work and will eagerly correct errors when they are discovered.


In-House Employees – Our staff consists of in-house employees who continuously collaborate and communicate during project execution.


Robust Data – through years of experience, we have adopted and developed field data collection and extensive quality assurance processes which are designed to help us deliver accurate, complete, and reliable data. Our product has been designed to support parts ordering, consumable replacement, asset management reporting, life cycle renewal projection, asset replacement budget and selection, design revision, consulting projects, and engineering studies. Our asset attributes are designed to provide comprehensive information while promoting consistency and eliminating redundancy.


Skilled Staff – Your project should not be completed by low-level employees or entry-level employees who are not properly trained.The BMOC personnel working on your project are highly skilled and trained. They not only understand what needs to be done but also why. Therefore, our staff has the technical understanding of your building systems and codes but also your CMMS and the importance of data accuracy and reliability.

Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) specializes is developing state of the art maintenance procedures. Following are our competitive advantages in this field:


Intentional – Our maintenance procedures are descriptive, rational, and intentional. They should appear on a scheduled maintenance work order and be followed by the assignee. The assignee should be accountable for following the steps.


State of the Art – Our maintenance procedures include routine, preventive, and predictive activities. We actively curate our library and are frequently incorporating new assets and procedures to accommodate the latest technologies. This is especially relevant for certified Green Buildings such as those certified by LEED.


Locally Relevant – Our maintenance procedures take into account national and local building codes. This includes NFPA and local fire safety codes.


Widely Applicable – We are judicious when we develop new maintenance procedures because we want to be sure that there is no unnecessary overlap between a candidate for addition and one that is already in our library.


Scalable – Our procedures are relevant for single buildings and entire portfolios. The are applicable to old, new, and future buildings. We can apply them and prepare your staff to apply them moving forward.


Flexible – As mentioned previously, we are constantly maintaining our maintenance procedure library in response to new technologies, ever-changing building codes, and client feedback.


Meet or Exceed OEM – We use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recommendations as a resource rather than a solution. There are some cases where the OEM recommendation is the best approach. However, in most cases, the OEM recommendation is either too vague or over-engineered to be useful. Lastly, BMOC takes into account your local conditions, the system the asset is serving, and if you have tens or hundreds of mechanically similar items on campus.

Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) specializes in programming scheduled maintenance work orders.


CMMS applications typically have preventive maintenance work order generation capabilities which will generate applicable work orders on a cyclical basis. This is typically where the gap between management’s role in work execution and performance monitoring starts.


Using widely implemented practices, PM completion rate and unknown quality application issues emerge. Our simulation approach is intended to bridge this gap as a new best practice for facilities management.


We generate discrete work orders for all PMs using a simulation model that takes into account available labor hours, technical staff specialization, work execution processes, and other constraints. The result is a collection of PM work orders that are intended to be jointly reviewed, modified, and accepted by management and shops several weeks prior to work order generation and completion.


Our approach allows for proactive strategic planning and accountability in scheduled work order completion.

Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) specializes in developing budget and staffing estimating and reporting services.


For new construction, we can help you get in front of potential budget and staffing shortfalls and stave off the perception that new buildings do not need maintenance. We will analyze your operations and your new building and then objectively present what resources will be required to maintain it. This is best accomplished using our asset inventory service as a foundation but construction plans can suffice. We will present our case to your administrators.


For existing portfolios of buildings which vary in age, size, and complexity, we can develop a campus-wide staffing estimate. With this information, we can identify gaps in your maintenance organization and associated strategies for managing them. Ideally this work would be based on our asset inventory service. Otherwise, we can base it on your existing data tempered by our understanding of how the data can deteriorate over time.

We will benchmark our staffing and budget estimates using the best and most current benchmarking data available. In order to apply these benchmarks, one must understand the differences between them and your facilities operations processes. Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) specializes in this work for maintenance, custodial, and grounds operations.

Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) specializes in analyzing facilities management organizations. We have experience working with organizations of varying size and structure and have observed effective best practices. BMOC can develop a road map for your organization to a higher level of service through organizational review, business process analysis, CMMS consulting, overhead rate calculation, service level agreement analysis and development, insourcing, outsourcing, shop location, stores location, and maintenance quality assurance programming for in-house and vendor service providers.

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