Facilities Management

Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) traditionally serves the end-user Facilities Management (FM) organization. This is a natural fit since we are typically working on their behalf. We work for the FM for existing building and new construction / renovation projects.

Healthcare Facilities Management

Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) works directly with Facilities Management (FM) organizations in the healthcare industry. We are knowledgeable of the regulatory compliance challenges associated with healthcare FM and tailor our services to suit your needs. We are able to support your needs for generating robust, accurate, and compliant reports from your CMMS. We will be able to assist you on new construction / renovation and existing building projects.

Facilities Capital Projects

Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) works with institutional capital projects entities that are charged with transferring data from the construction process into the software applications utilized by Facilities Management (FM). We interface with both FM and capital projects to ensure that comprehensive, robust, and usable data is migrated into facilities operations. Contact BMOC if you work with capital projects, are charged with delivering the facilities management data, and perceive that you do not have the resources to do so within your organization. We have experienced and uniquely qualified people ready to support you.

General Contractors

Construction projects in institutional environments come with heavy data management and transfer requirements. There are several software solutions utilized during construction. The data from these applications needs to be aggregated, reconciled, streamlined, and then transferred into the facilities operations systems. Furthermore, barcoding and inventory work may be required  by your client using subjective criteria. Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) can work as a subcontractor to a General Contractor in this situation and make the process efficient and painless using experienced and high quality staff. Contact BMOC and we will add value to your bid and give you a competitive edge.

CMMS Vendors

You may have the right CMMS solution for your client but their data is incomplete and incoherent. They don’t have the information in their system to get the most out of your modules. This can happen on new installations, existing installations, and legacy versions needing upgrade. Let Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) be your subject matter expert and asset data improvement service provider. We can work with you and your client so they can get the most out of your system. Our experienced and uniquely qualified professionals know building systems and CMMS. We’ll be the perfect fit.

Program Managers

If you are a program manager charged with the planning, programming, and budget for operations related to new construction projects and don’t have the resources to deliver, then Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) can help. We analyze the new design and determine staffing and budget needs for maintenance, custodial, and grounds services. We assist with insourcing and outsourcing strategies. We maintain our cost and staffing model during the entire construction phase so we can make revisions in accordance with design changes. We develop and deliver executive level and public presentations. BMOC will be an effective member of your team.

Building Commissioning Agents

We have observed in some cases that building commissioning agents have been enlisted to support asset inventory and labeling services for the owner of the facility. The commissioning agent will agree but then find that the level of effort is much higher than anticipated. This is especially when retroactively presented standards and other requirements for inventory. Building Maintenance Optimization Consultants, Inc. (BMOC) understands that your work is highly complex and demanding. Adding inventory and data migration tasks on top of your extensive workload can be counter productive.


BMOC can add value to your services and give you a competitive edge in sales. We have experienced and uniquely professionals that can handle the inventory, data collection, data migration, and maintenance programming work among other tasks. We can also interface with your end user to ensure that the best product gets delivered.

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