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We Help FM Organizations

BMOC serves facility management organizations managing a portfolio of buildings

BMOC is a facilities management (FM) consulting firm supporting FM organizations that manage portfolios of buildings for their full life cycles. Such organizations include institutions of higher education, K-12, hospitals, government, and corporations.

Leverage CMMS Applications

BMOC Supports Data Driven Facilities Management

Our services are designed to help FM get the most out of  legacy or newly implemented CMMS applications whether enterprise level or smaller. We apply services to new construction, existing buildings, single structures, and campus-wide portfolios.

To Make Data Driven Decisions

BMOC supports data driven decision making in facilities management

We promote data-driven decision making in the FM industry through the enhancement of CMMS content including asset, preventive / predictive maintenance, OEM, installation, and design data.


BMOC teamed with Performa, Inc. to create this webinar titled “Empowering Facilities Managers and Asset Managers.”  Facilities managers and the institutions they serve, need to view their role much more strategically. Institutions that empower their facilities managers as asset managers will not just survive the fast-changing uncertainties that we all face in our current built environments, they will be poised to thrive. Facility managers and finance officers are invited to join this complimentary webinar and walk away energized and empowered to maximize your role as an asset manager.

Taking the pain out of the building turnover process
Learn more about the key tasks in the turnover process including selecting key stakeholders, hiring additional labor, developing and implementing the asset management program, selecting and purchasing equipment, and more.

Future of CMMS: Powering building optimization with data & IoT
BMOC and Facilio answer critical questions about the future of your CMMS

Optimizing the Value of Your CMMS
Get useful information and guidance on how to get more out of your existing CMMS without replacing it.

The “TOW” (Turn Over Workgroup): Optimizing the Building Turnover Process
Learn how to streamline and optimize the turnover process to eliminate (or at least reduce) the stress of moving into a new building.


The Modern Facilities Management Podcast #12
Part 1 of 4 | We discuss the relationship between CMMS and the Asset Management Program for facility management.

Facilities Management, Asset Inventory, Data Collection And The Importance Of Your Asset Registry

BMOC provides accurate, comprehensive, and intentional CMMS data. CMMS data is the foundation of your FM operations. We build or shore it up for FM organizations.

Asset Inventory

We review plans, work with your maintenance technical leads and CMMS administrators, and physically inventory the assets that you maintain in your buildings.

QR Code / Bar Code Application

We design, create, and apply label applications that integrate with existing or improved maintenance tracking processes and conventions.

Asset Data Collection

Using state of the art methods; we collect and compile pertinent location, name plate, service, and other data related to your maintainable and replaceable assets.

Data Loading

We load asset data, drawings, manuals, & photos into your legacy or newly implemented facilities maintenance management software or convert it into your upload format.

Preventive Maintenance Programming

We develop precise, scalable, and intentional PM procedures for your assets that meet or exceed OEM recommendations and load them into your CMMS.

Scheduled Work Order Programming

We balance staff availability and work order prioritization. Using proprietary software, we generate an optimized work order schedule for approval and upload into your CMMS.

O&M Programming Reporting

We analyze building design features and systems and report on Maintenance, Custodial, and Landscaping budget and staffing needs. Often combined with Asset Inventory services.

FM Strategic Planning Services

Portfolio-wide FM operations & maintenance staffing and budget estimating, benchmarking, CMMS consulting, process review, and organizational review services.

Asset Illumination

Sound facilities asset management starts with knowing what you have in your buildings at multiple levels of your organization.

Asset & CMMS Specialists

We have the engineering knowledge, physical ability, and CMMS experience to optimally integrate your assets into operations.

New Construction

We have extensive experience applying our services in chaotic new construction and renovation environments.

Existing Buildings

We frequently and respectfully work in occupied existing buildings whether old or new.

Green Buildings

We are familiar and current with the latest in green and other building technologies and able to anticipate new maintenance needs.

Accredited Buildings

We can tailor asset inventory services to serve accredited hospital / healthcare environments - The Joint Commission (TJC), HFAP, & DNV.

We are committed to customer service, continuously improving our products, and contributing positively to the facilities management industry.
We have uniquely qualified and talented people ready to support your mission.

More About BMOC

Who are we?

We are adventurous maintenance management enthusiasts with backgrounds in engineering, consulting, and management.

What do we do?

We form a plan, work with our clients, crawl around buildings looking for assets, prepare and deliver data, integrate that data with newly implemented or existing software, and follow up on results.

What do we deliver?

  • Asset Inventory
  • Asset Data Collection
  • Maintenance Programming
  • CMMS Data Load / Content Provision
  • Operations & Maintenance Consulting
  • Staffing & Budget Estimating
  • Facilities Management Organization Review
  • Benchmarking

Who do we serve?

  • Facilities Management Organizations
  • Capital Project Management Organizations
  • CMMS Vendors
  • General Contractors
  • Commissioning Agents
  • Program Managers

Services Not Software

We are a professional services company as opposed to a software company. We understand CMMS applications and it is our mission to help the facilities management organization get the most out of their CMMS within their available resources; thus the term “Optimization” in our company name. We are CMMS content providers.

More About Our Services

Use technology to work smarter

Our services allow for rapid access to data in the field by your maintenance staff. This includes floor plans, schematics, diagrams, schedules, installation, maintenance, and operations (IOM) manuals, photos, location lists, etc.

Happy mechanic making data driven decisions

Having accurate and reliable data available in the field makes for more efficient maintenance operations, more informed troubleshooting, less travel time collecting tools and materials, and less of a chance for rework.

Industrial Engineering on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

BMOC services are built upon industrial engineering principles such as economic decision making and consideration for work psychology. Economic decision making and the morale of trades is of utmost importance to us. It is our mission in the facilities management industry to apply these principles and, by doing so, promote productiveness at the labor, management, and administrative levels.

Additionally, each of our projects is completed using an engineered approach. All facilities management organizations are different & call for a designed methodology. We are flexible, capable, & take nothing for granted.

BMOC covers a lot of GSF - campuses / portfolios full of facilities / buildingsWe apply our services to new construction and existing buildings. We can work in single structures or cover high quantities of enclosed gross square footage during our projects. We have applied services for full campuses and the majorities of several facility portfolios. We also have services designed specifically for accredited hospital and healthcare environments.

BMOC-like engineer in the field with a tablet capturing dataWe meet with all project stakeholders for planning and your technical staff for logistics. We arrive on-site with a plan for each building. We then go into your buildings and get the asset inventory job done while being mindful of building occupants and functions. We are accustomed working in occupied building environments, central utility plants, accredited environments, and new construction.

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